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  • How CIOs Measure Themselves and Why it Matters

    Over the last several years, I have asked CIOs multiple times about how they would like their performance to be measured. One answer has come back repeatedly: They want to be measured the same way as their Chief Executive Officer is measured. Hopefully, this isn’t news to anyone reading this piece. This should really matter […]

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  • Why Cloud Means Cloud-Native

    “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.” — Warren Buffett The most important change in computing over the past 15 years has been the rise of cloud computing. The large hyperscale providers – I call them AMG, for Amazon, Microsoft, and Google – have been on an explosive growth […]

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  • Top Cloud Service Providers & Companies

    Cloud computing providers play a foundational role for businesses. Virtually every enterprise uses cloud computing in some manner, whether it’s to deliver key infrastructure and services, host applications or a content delivery network (CDN), or handle machine learning and software development. The convenience and economics of cloud providers make them increasingly appealing. Cloud deployments are: […]

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  • The Role of Data Governance in Effective Data Management

    I spoke with four industry experts about the growing challenges in data governance, spotlighting which issues need to be resolved for better data management. The experts: Kelly Symons, Senior Vice President, Data Management and Quality, Mastercard Myles Suer, Director of Solutions Marketing at Alation, the facilitator for the CIOChat. Gwen Thomas, Sr. Compliance Officer for […]

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  • Edge Data Fabric: What It Is, Why It Matters

    To generate richer and more timely insights, enterprises are using increasing amounts of data. Expect that trend to continue. An IDC model projects that the global datasphere will roughly triple in size by 2025. But this trend isn’t new. After all, the term Big Data has been with us for quite a while. What’s different […]

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Our Mission

Antek Group is a premier provider of full life-cycle services across wide spectrum of technologies.

Whether you are transforming your business or launching a new digital venture, our certified staff of professionals can help your organization implement effective Enterprise Solutions by combining leading edge technology and innovative strategy.

Dedicated to delivering business solutions using leading-edge web-centric technology, Antek Group focuses on helping our clients capture and retain lifetime loyal customers.

Our goal is to provide an economical, affordable, and reasonably priced alternative for people, businesses and companies that need IT consulting services tailored to meet their specific needs. We have a "whatever it takes" attitude!!! We will succeed at getting the job done for you the way you want it!

Company Profile

Not your typical consulting firm, Antek Group has followed a different path from its inception providing services to the business community in greater Boston area.

Antek Group was founded by a group of talented professionals, who recognize the growing need for services to help businesses gain competitive edge in fast-paced, highly competitive markets.

Antek Group doesn't believe there are "one-size-fits-all" solutions and we customize all our services to fit your needs. That's why Antek Group has quickly earned a reputation for excellence in providing customer-focused business solutions and why we are fun to work with or work for....

We'll be glad to receive your request for proposal on a specific project and response back with our detailed quote. Ours' fees ordinarily hinge on the scope and complexity of each specific project.