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  • Mulesoft CTO Matt McLarty on Digital Transformation

    I spoke with Mulesoft CTO Matt McLarty about a new report that details 7 trends shaping digital transformation, from sustainability to cybersecurity. Among the topics we discussed:  Let’s talk about the report on Digital Transformation Trends in 2023. First, what’s your biggest takeaway? 2. Let’s look at some key points from the report: The growing […]

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  • C3 AI vs. DataRobot: Top AI CloudPlatforms

    C3 AI and DataRobot are two of the leading AI cloud platforms. As such, this is a close comparison. Each has an extensive set of artificial intelligence features. Which is best for your company? Let’s review the key features and compare them. So what is an AI cloud platform? AI cloud platforms provide artificial intelligence […]

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  • AWS Boosts AI for Connect Contact Center Product

    This week the largest cloud computing vendor, AWS, is holding its 11th re:Invent conference. Given its leading position in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), much of the news revolved around infrastructure. Over the past few years, AWS has been offering a handful of SaaS services, one of which is its Connect contact center product, and […]

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  • eWEEK TweetChat, December 13: Enterprise Tech in 2023

    On Tuesday, December 13, at 11 AM PT, @eWEEKNews will host its monthly #eWEEKChat. The topic will be Enterprise Tech in 2023, and it will be moderated by James Maguire, eWEEK’s Editor-in-Chief. We’ll discuss – using Twitter – the near, medium and long term future of enterprise IT. Our ultimate goal: to see the future […]

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  • Top Data Virtualization Tools

    Data virtualization is the process of cleansing and integrating data from various sources so it can be more readily accessed and analyzed by business users. It eliminates redundancy, standardizes formats, and makes data accessible through a single source. It integrates business intelligence, data visualization, and databases to help users query and analyze data while keeping […]

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Our Mission

Antek Group is a premier provider of full life-cycle services across wide spectrum of technologies.

Whether you are transforming your business or launching a new digital venture, our certified staff of professionals can help your organization implement effective Enterprise Solutions by combining leading edge technology and innovative strategy.

Dedicated to delivering business solutions using leading-edge web-centric technology, Antek Group focuses on helping our clients capture and retain lifetime loyal customers.

Our goal is to provide an economical, affordable, and reasonably priced alternative for people, businesses and companies that need IT consulting services tailored to meet their specific needs. We have a "whatever it takes" attitude!!! We will succeed at getting the job done for you the way you want it!

Company Profile

Not your typical consulting firm, Antek Group has followed a different path from its inception providing services to the business community in greater Boston area.

Antek Group was founded by a group of talented professionals, who recognize the growing need for services to help businesses gain competitive edge in fast-paced, highly competitive markets.

Antek Group doesn't believe there are "one-size-fits-all" solutions and we customize all our services to fit your needs. That's why Antek Group has quickly earned a reputation for excellence in providing customer-focused business solutions and why we are fun to work with or work for....

We'll be glad to receive your request for proposal on a specific project and response back with our detailed quote. Ours' fees ordinarily hinge on the scope and complexity of each specific project.